Identify the quality of zipper

1.How to identify the quality of zipper?
Tape: should be uniform color, no contamination and scar, feel soft, the tape shows flat and slightly undulating in vertical or horizontal
Element(teeth): the surface of the element should be smooth, feel smoothly and freely at low noise when moving slider.
Slider(The automatic lock slider) Pull the slider back and forward, the sliding should be smooth and free, and the slider doesn't slide.
Heat seal patch: The heat seal patch attached to the tape tightly, no sign of embrittlement, rupture or delamination.
Retaining box and insert pin: The pin and box of open end zipper which should be fastened on the tape tightly can be inserted and
remove freely.
Top stop and bottom stop:
1)The top stop should be fixed to the first teeth(element) of zipper chain, but the distance must not exceed 1mm and look perfectly.
2)The bottom stop is fastened on the bottom end of zipper tightly, strongly and perfectly
2. Tolerance of zipper length(tolerance form for Germany,Japan YKK )
Zipper length tolerance is allowed considering the inertia caused by operating speed of machine and integrity of teeth during
manufacturing process of
zipper. The longer the length, the larger the tolerance allowed

II. Unit conversion
Common conversion for zipper length units and strength.
inch = 2.54cm 1dozen = 12pcs 1 yard = 0.9144meter 1m = 1.094yards 1 yard = 36inches 1kg = 9.8Newton
1pound = 2.2kg 1kg.cm = 0.098N.M = 0.868 pound.inch (torque strength)

III. Definition of Terms
A connector consisting of two pieces of engaged flexible teeth chain tapes and other components like sliders which can separate
and combine the tapes repeatedly.
A given shape of teeth is processed by metal, plastic and other materials.
·Teeth Chain
Forming chain of teeth arranged in a sequence.
·Zipper Specifications
The width of jointed chain.
The moving component that can make the teeth opened and closed.
·Top Stop
A stop component fixed on the teeth chain tapes to prevent the slider separating from the chain.
·Bottom Stop
A stop component fixed on the chain tapes to prevent the slider separating from the chain and the tapes cannot be separated completely.
A flexible woven made of cotton, chemical fiber or polyester which can support the teeth.
·Auto-lock Slider
Slider with a locking mechanism inside the body of the slider. This keeps the slider from moving on the zipper until the puller is
grabbed and the locking me chanism is released. The lock automatically locks when no force is placed on the pull tab. In the semi-automatic
slider, it locks only when the pull tab is lowered.
·Closed-end Zipper
When opening zipper, the tapes on both sides can not be completely separated.
·Open-end Zipper
When opening zipper, the tapes on both sides can be completely separated.
·Two Way open-end Zipper
Open-end zipper with 2 sliders. When the 2 sliders are on the same bottom end of the zipper, one of the pins can be pulled off from
each other, or inserting a pin into them can close the zipper.
·Finished Zipper
Zipper to be packed, stored & sold in unit of piece.
·Chain Zipper
Long chain zipper to be packed, stored & sold in unit of length.

IV. Checking
How can we test a zipper's performance through simple method?
Refer to the following methods:
1). Pull the slider back and forward, the sliding should be smooth. The puller can be flipped around freely and smoothly.
2). The insert pin and retaining box of open-end zipper which should be fastened on the tape tightly can be inserted and removed freely.
3). Unzip the zipper into 60 degree angle and pull the tapes in both sides vertically with moderate force. If the slider doesn't slide, it proves
that the auto-lock
component is functioning well.
4). The zipper teeth should be curve inward after unzipped. The tape is curved as a wave form after the zipper is closed. It will not be uneven
after sewing the zipper if the tape can curved as a wave form.
5). The heat seal patch attached to the tape tightly, no sign of embrittlement, rupture or delamination.

V. What issues should be noticed during zipper using
1. When sliding is in a bad condition: When the zipper can't be opened or closed well, do not pull the slider by excessive force to prevent
the element from occlusion problem. In such a situation, you can use Paraffin wax or spray lubricant on the surface and inside of the
elements (teethes), and pulling the slider up and down for several times till the sliding is smooth.
2. The elements of zipper chain are damaged:
When there are too much contents in bag, don't move the slider to chose the zipper by excessive force to prevent the elements (teethes)
from coming off the tape, which is a serious zipper break. Try to close the elements on both sides of bag zipper till the slider can move
3. When fabric is getting stuck into the slider:
1). Sometimes the fabric gets stuck into the slider to prevent the slider from moving when open or close the zipper chain. In this situation,
avoid pulling the slider at excessive force or it will make the stuck more serious. You can pull the slider backward on one hand, on the
other hand try to pull out the fabric gently and draw back the slider slowly.
2). Try to avoid the zipper break when sewing.
4. When wearing or take off the clothes
1) Ensure that the zipper is separated completely when you wear or take off clothes If you need to close the zipper, be sure to insert the
pin into the retaining
box completely which make it easy to move the slider.
2) The components include elements, bottom stop and slider will be damaged by force caused by wearing or taking off clothes when slider is in
the middle of zipper.
3).The issues should be noticed on above two situations are also applicable for the boots and gloves as well as decorations with zipper,
pay attention to use it correctly to reduce the problem.
5. Methods to ensure suitable material and temperature as well as skillful ironing.
1).The temperature of iron changes with material. Zipper also has appropriate temperature, suitable material to be ironed at suitable
temperature to keep strength and beauty of zipper
2). Before ironing, zipper elements should be meshed and the slider should be fixed at the proper position but not place the slider and
puller reversibly or uprightly. Then put a layer of cloth on the zipper to avoid directly ironing on the surface.
6. Correct washing methods
1). Before washing or drying, the zipper should be closed in order to prevent the element and fabric damaged.
2) Paraffin wax or oil slick on zipper will be melted by Strong alkaline detergent or Chlorine element of bleach, which you should pay
attention to.
3). After washing, if the sliding of zipper is damaged, you can use Paraffin wax or spray lubricant on the surface and move the slider for
two to three times in order to slide freely.

VI. What issues should be noticed when using metal zipper on various quality of leather garment.
1. Leather products
Usually the leather processing is treated by Inorganic acid, sulfuric acid, chromium compounds, acid compounds It is difficult to clear
away the reagent completely (Inorganic acid, sulfuric acid, chromium compounds, acid compounds) for the main elements of leather
is animal protein, which easily remain some reagent on the surface of leather, this can cause Chemical reaction with metal zipper and
the components on zipper will be discolored as a result. so please use the leather which is fully cleaned and neutralized.
2. The normal clothing goods
1).Because the dyeing fabric hasn't be fully rinsed after dye processing, theremained chemicals react with metal zipper to stain the fabric
as a result. So please use the garment fabric which is thoroughly neutralized, rinsed and dried.
2).To painting a layer of paraffin wax on the surface of zipper chain in order to strengthen the sliding. But the paraffin wax on the fabric
whichis treated by ironing and waterproof easily remove to the fabric to make it dirty. So please place a layer of light cloth or paper
before ironing.
3. Better not to use out of shape zipper,which the teeth and tape are not in same level. Or smoothness will be effected,also the teeth will
be destroyed if force to run.
4.Enough space should leave for slider when sewing zipper.Or at least keep the slider horizontal while zipper is deformed.

VII. How to identify the fixation effect of copper zipper?

1. The neutral salt spray test(NSS test) is kind of accelerated corrosion test method which is the earliest and most widely applied.
Use:5% sodium chloride brine solution and PH in solution which is adjusted in neutral range(6~7) as spray solution,test temperature
35℃, the sedimentation rate of salt fog is between 1~2ml / 80cm2.h. (The salt spray test last 24 hours means exposure to natural
environment for one year)
2. Acetic acid salt spray test(ASS test)developed based on neutral salt spray test, adding some glacial acetic acid to 5%sodium chloride
solution to make the solution PH reduce to 3 or so ,then the solution turn to acid, and The final formation of the salt fog also become
acid from neutral salt mist, whose corrosion rate is 3 times faster than NSS test.

VIII. The standard of zipper strength test.

Remark:1、 Slider& puller Twisting strength requirement is only for the slider with combination of slider body and puller;
2、 Slider tensile strength requirement is only for metal slider.

IX. Purchasing tips for zipper
Please state us your following information due to the fact that the application for zipper will be different in different environment.
1. What kind of products would be used on?(such as leather case, shoes & boot, ski-wear, raincoat, tent,cowboy-wear needs washing,
and acidic leather goods) or other particular requirements.
2. Zipper ingredient requirement, for instance, whether, nickel free, lead free, pass needle detector or not.
3. Dyeing standard includes fixation, especial fixation, normal washing.
4. Users are suggested to check and inspect the quality of zipper according to their requirements.You can return it to us If the goods is
not in line with quality requirement. The loss would be at user's expense If you cut off the zippers or process them into finished zipper
cause unsatisfied result under the situation of without in spection